September Starts

I was reading an article in the Daily Mail today (yes I’m afraid that a daily dose is one of my guilty pleasures when away from British shores) in which it was reported that September is the new ‘New Year’ when it comes to resolving to make a fresh start.

Bronzed and sea-swept from our summer frolics, this is the time that we grab the coming of Autumn with both hands and decide to make the changes to our lives that that little voice inside has been whispering for some time.

It is that back to school feeling I guess.  It’s been a while for me, but September still brings with it pungent plastic memories of a brand new pencil cases brimming with goodies and dreams for the year ahead.

As I gaze out of the window of my Malinki Kitchen at the magnificent pair of swans gliding across the pond below and at the surrounding trees, their amber tinged leaves bristling with the freshly chilled Autumn breeze, I can feel that excitement for change wash over me.


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