Caramelised Fig Clafoutis

On my way home from the Museum of Modern Art I popped into one of my favourite shops in Moscow. The lovely little green grocer on Malaya Bronnaya. It’s very basic but the produce is always seasonal, lovely and fresh. I spied these beautiful bulging purple figs and couldn’t wait to make them mine.

Figs are one of my favourite fruits. Their fragrance instantly transports me to my childhood and our majestic fig trees in Greece. The fig trees stand proud amongst the olive trees in the grove and as a child I spent many an afternoon impatiently waiting for the delicious plumps of sweetness to ripen so I could greedily devour them.

One thing I do enjoy about living here is the heightened awareness of seasonality of produce. Sadly this is something all too often lost in the mega supermarket culture where everything that one could possibly desire is available year round. Shopping like that is so convenient but I so enjoy the excitement of each new delight which, when it is absolutely ready to do so, takes centre stage on the year’s culinary calendar.

I must admit that not all the figs made it back to my apartment by the time I got home but with the remainder that did I made a very quick caremelised fig clafoutis with goats cheese and pine nuts…

I brushed the figs with delicious Russian honey and roasted them until they started to caremelise.

Whisked up a very simple batter with a dusting of cinnamon

Placed the figs into the tin

Gently poured the batter in to the tin – so as not to disturb the figs – then popped it into a pre-heated oven at 180 for about an hour, the batter had set, risen and was golden in colour…To serve I crumbled lovely velvety chunks of goats cheese over the top and sprinkled with some toasted pine nuts…mmm


One response to “Caramelised Fig Clafoutis

  1. OOH Yum! One of my favourite fruits too – the first taste of autumn. These plump dark red ones look delicious! Here, in Greece, my trees bear tiny green ones but they’re very sweet and juicy nonetheless. Thank you for this recipe – something new to try!

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