Draniki – fluffy potato breakfast heaven

Draniki‘ (Russian potato cakes) lightly fried in butter then piled with soft fluffy eggs and crispy smoked bacon is breakfast heaven on earth! It took just minutes to whip this up this morning and with the Russian winter creeping ever closer it gave me the impetus I needed to take on a crisp, chilly day.

Potato pancakes can be found in various forms at the heart of many many traditional cuisines from Irish to Austrian to Latvian to Czech and even Persian, Indian and Korean. It is the national dish of Belarus and in Ukranian, Belarusian and Russian cuisines it is known as deruny or draniki.

Wherever they hail from and whatever the name, potato pancakes are delicious and are so quick and simple to make. Just combine grated or mashed potato (a great way to use up any left over mash) flour, egg, a little seasoning and flavour with grated onion or garlic then shape and lightly shallow fry in some butter.

Here in Moscow you can even find them ready made in the bread section of most produkti’s and supermarkets – if you’re in a real hurry, ditch the pan and just pop them in the toaster!


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