Ragout’s perfect pumpkin & gingerbread tortelloni

As you might have guessed from my previous posts, I simply adore gingerbread and with Halloween wickedly close, who doesn’t love pumpkin too?

Imagine my delight, and surprise, to find on a menu (yes, can you believe it, a menu in a Moscow restaurant) “pumpkin tortelloni with a sage and gingerbread sauce” – and autumnally delicious it was too.

Well this is no ordinary Moscow establishment offering identikit russo-italian fare (and some sushi rolls thrown in for good measure).  This is ‘Ragout‘, a firm favourite on the Moscow dining scene.

It is undoubtedly one of my favourites too.  Admittedly I may be a little biased as the concept of the restaurant was originated and is co-owned in part by two fellow Cordon Bleu alumni: Alexei Zimin (also editor of Afisha Food magazine and regular columnist for Vedemosti and Kommersant as well as the host of his own cooking show), and Ilya Shalev, head chef and previously of ‘Remy’ fame.

Together with their partners they have been able to achieve what many a Moscow restaurateur can only dream of offering:  well sourced and seasonal ingredients, simply yet creatively prepared and all with an affordable price tag.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Sadly all too often restauranteurs here miss those three basic ingredients.

Jam packed, service after service, Ragout has found the winning formula.

I Followed the tortelloni with the classic Russian favourite: Kotlet Pozharsky with a rich, buttery garlic sauce and the silkiest mashed potato. The perfect warm and comforting dish for a chilly night.

I couldn’t resist trying their trio of ice creams inspired by classic Russian flavours, from left to right: black bread, beetroot and bacon.  Ok, not sure how bacon fits into the classic category but I guess they like bacon here too and it was certainly an interesting representation…


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